Slit Lamp Exam

Adult Eye Exams

If you’ve ever had a thorough eye examination, opportunities are you’ve had a slit lamp exam. Slit light tests are created to assist your optometrist to amplify and examine the eye from front to back.

With your head resting in a machine called a slit light, your eye doctor can utilize a combination of brilliant light and different magnifying lenses to view your eye’s structure. A slit lamp examination assists your optometrist see the entire physical structure of your eye from the inside.

A slit lamp test is designed to have your eyes narrate which might indicate the presence of numerous kinds of eye illness and prospective vision problems.

How does a slit lamp exam work?

A slit lamp evaluation is relatively quick and mainly without pain, though your eye may tear or water and you’ll have to withstand the desire to blink frequently.

With your head resting in the chin remainder of the slit light, you’ll look at a light inside the machine while your eye doctor carries out a precise scan of your eyes using different lenses, much like on a microscope.

Slit lamp tests are ways to amplify what’s happening on the surface area of your eye, at the front of the eye, inside the eye, and at the all-important retina at the back of the eye.

A slit lamp test is among the most common procedures in a thorough eye examination since it informs your optometrist so much about the state of your eye health, and can be used to spot signs of a wide variety of diseases and conditions including cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, age-related macular degeneration, even blood disorders, and certain cancers.