Learn more about common eye surgeries:

  • Corrective Eye Surgery Basics
    Start here for an introduction of the different types of surgical treatment to remedy myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism; and the merits and disadvantages of each.
    It’s the most popular vision correction surgical treatment, by far. Discover what to expect prior to, throughout, and after the procedure.
  • LASIK Risks and Complications
    Issues from LASIK are few, but they do happen. It’s essential to understand the risks, and how to decrease them.
  • LASIK – How to Measure Success or Applicability
    Successful LASIK cosmetic surgeons get that method from experience and the capability to evaluate out bad prospects for the treatment. Here’s the list of what makes you a good candidate.
  • PRK
    An option to LASIK, PPK is a no-flap eye surgery. Discover the benefits and drawbacks, as well as what to expect.
  • Surgery for Presbyopia
    A variety of fairly new treatments are attending to the age-related reduction in ability to focus on near things, that was as soon as correctable only with bifocals.
  • Corneal Inlays and Onlays
    These small lenses or optical gadgets are placed into the cornea to modify its shape and appropriate vision problems.
  • Corneal Transplants
    Sometimes due to the fact that of illness or injury, the cornea ends up being so harmed that issues can not be corrected with spectacles, contacts, or refractive surgical treatment such as LASIK.