Scratch Resistant Lenses

Wouldn’t it be great if scratch-proof lenses actually existed? (Even glass lenses can be scratched!) Scratches, while most likely to impact your lens performance, are an inconvenience that can hinder clear vision. That’s why you need to constantly request scratch-resistant lenses (treatment) for your eyeglass lenses.

A number of today’s lens products have hard scratch-resistant protection developed into the lens– a difficult surface treatment that is particularly developed to withstand scratches. But it’s not an automatic function! Make sure to discuss scratch-resistant glasses alternatives with your eye care professional.

We put our glasses through a lot from day to day– and our children, a lot more so. Scratch-resistant lenses can go a long way towards decreasing the daily wear and tear we put on our eyewear.

Let us take care of your scratch-resistant glasses

Do not forget, no treatment can totally secure eyeglass lenses from scratches.

Scratch Resistant Lenses

But you can assist! Keep in mind to keep your glasses in a cushioned, strong case when not wearing them. Tidy them frequently with warm, soapy water and dry them with a clean, soft cloth. With scratches similar to life, a little extra care goes a long, long way.