Intro to Transitions ® Lenses XTRActive

If you spend more of your day outdoors than inside or enjoy a lens with a slight tint inside your home, then Transitions ® Lenses XTRActive ™ lenses might be best for you. Transitions ® Lenses XTRActive lenses are the darkest daily photochromic lens– even in warm weather– and have a moderate tint behind the windshield.

Intro to Transitions Lenses XTRActive
  • Lenses alter from light tint inside your home to very dark outdoors
  • Developed for those who invest the majority of their day outdoors
  • The darkest everyday Transitions ® Lenses available– even in warm weather
  • Medium tint behind the windshield
  • 100% of the sun’s hazardous UVA & & UVB rays are blocked
  • Readily available for many frames and with non-glare treatments.