The Covid-19 Pandemic has been beneficial for the blue glasses industry. Sales of blue light glasses increased 60% annually for the last two years, with over two million pairs of glasses sold in 2020. Since the lockdown, people spend more time on their phones, computers, or any other digital screen, and ever since, they are ordering more and more light glasses. 

Do they really work? It depends! Blue Light Glasses are quite a new product on the market, so there is not much research; however, a study made in 2017 by The University of Houston showed that people wearing blue light glasses increased their nighttime melatonin levels.  

If you want to keep learning about the importance of Blue Light Glasses, keep reading this article.

Benefits Of Blue Light Glasses

  • It Helps You To Get Better Sleep 

Blue light glasses help you to sleep better and longer at night. Researchers found out that blue light from devices like your computer or smartphone stops the body’s melatonin production. As mentioned before, blue light glasses increase a 58% the melatonin levels at night. This will help you to be productive even at night.

  • It Protects You From Multiple Devices

Blue light is everywhere. We get blue light even from the sun, smartphones, television, laptop, and other digital devices. Since the pandemic, we´ve been staring at those devices for a longer period of time. This could cause eye problems; however, patients wearing blue light glasses report less eye strain, confirming that blue light glasses protect you from different types of devices.

  • You Can Work For A Longer Time

Many consumers say that blue light glasses help them work better and for a longer time. 

Consumers claim that blue light glasses have helped them decrease the frequency and level of headache, and they can focus on things easier on a screen. 

  • They Give Your Eye A Break

Suppose you are worried about how computers and other digital devices affect your eyes. Still, you don’t want to use special eyewear. In that case, blue light glasses are the choice to make. They will make your eyes feel rested and relaxed.

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