Online eye exams might be a little less expensive than typical ones. The sad news is that the famous rule “you get what you pay for” applies to everything, including online exams. 

Many people are interested in the best and highest quality eyewear and first-rate service. It’s pretty uncommon that patients choose lower price over higher quality. Even when you find products or services of different levels and prices, most of them try to keep the quality regardless of the price. 

The design of frames and lenses, the quality of materials, and the optics make a huge difference in the visual quality of these services. 

Why Online Exams Doesn’t Work

Online eye care and eye exams are not what patients claim exactly. When getting a glasses prescription at the office, eye doctors perform subjective manifest refraction more complex and accurate. 

Eye Doctors measure other things such as ocular deviations, needed prismatic, and the focusing ability of your eyes. These are things that cannot be done outside of the office or online. 

Some other essential things and factors that cannot be duplicated when purchasing glasses online are:

  • One-on-one fitting with a highly trained optical staff.
  • Evaluation of the precise measurement of your pupillary distance.
  • Optical Center
  • Prismatic Displacement and segment heights for the glasses
  • Complex lenses

The claims of high quality and low price will be noticeable once the glasses you purchase start to present issues and difficulties needing correction. 

Why Not Purchasing Prescription glasses Online

Prescription glasses are medical devices that should not be shopped online; in the worst cases, they could be uncomfortable. Buying prescription glasses online could cause visual issues and discomfort. Besides that, those glasses are often unable to be corrected without having to replace them. 

Consequently, you will have to visit a quality optometry office and purchase additional and high-quality prescription eyeglasses that work for you.

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