What are Astigmatism Causes and Symptoms

Astigmatism is an extremely common eye condition that’s quickly fixed with eyeglasses or contact lenses and in some events, surgery is needed.

Astigmatism is caused when your eye is not completely round. Due to the fact that our bodies are not perfect, astigmatism happens in almost everybody to some degree but for some, not to the degree that it triggers blurring. Your eye is naturally shaped like a sphere. Under regular circumstances, when light enters the eye, it flexes evenly, developing a clear image on the back of your eye. In an individual with astigmatism, their eye is shaped more like a football, and light entering the eye is bent more in one direction than the other. This triggers only part of the image to be in focus at any provided time. Objects at any distance can appear blurred and wavy.

For vision issues due to astigmatism, glasses or contact lenses, and in some cases even vision correction surgery are all possible treatments.

People with undiscovered astigmatism often have blurred vision which can be connected with tiredness and eyestrain. While these symptoms may not necessarily be the result of astigmatism, you ought to arrange an eye exam if you are experiencing several symptoms.

Our Eye Doctors Can Help With Astigmatism!

Our eye doctors can diagnose astigmatism with a comprehensive eye test. Astigmatism might take place in a mix with other vision issues such as nearsightedness and farsightedness, and even dry eyes. Due to the fact that astigmatism becomes worse gradually, visit our eye doctor whenever you see changes in your vision.